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Biomass Pellet Stove - C 2

The C2 commercial stove is a versatile and efficient cooking solution designed for bulk cooking, frying, and baking applications. With its multistage flame control feature, you have precise control over the intensity of the flame, allowing for optimum cooking results.


Stove Specifics:
  • Strong Mild Steel Body
  • Multistage Flame Control
  • Capacity up to 4-5kg Pellets
  • Cook Time 60 minutes
  • Economical: Up to 40% Savings in Fuel Bill
  • Long Life Inner MS Chamber/Burner
  • Ideal for Bulk Cooking/Frying/Baking

The stove has a generous capacity of up to 4-5kg pellets, ensuring continuous cooking without the need for frequent refills. With a swift cook time of 60 minutes, you can prepare large quantities of food in a short span. The C2 model is ideal for catering to the culinary needs of events, institutions, and community gatherings, as it can cook meals for up to 60-80 persons.

Not only is the C2 stove efficient in terms of cooking, but it is also economically viable, offering up to 40% savings in fuel bills compared to traditional cooking methods. It operates with biomass boiler pellets or biomass briquettes, making it an eco-friendly choice. The stove’s strong MS body ensures durability and longevity, while the inner MS chamber and burner are designed to withstand rigorous use. Easy to use and maintain, the C2 stove simplifies your cooking process. With its exceptional performance, economic benefits, and eco-friendly nature, the C2 commercial stove is the perfect solution for bulk cooking requirements.


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