Eco Biomass Pellets

100% Natural Biomass Material


is available in millions of Tons

Wheat Crop Biomass Waste


is available in millions of Tons


is available in millions of Tons


is available in millions of Tons


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Royal Bio Energy is carbon neutral and eco friendly fuel made from biomass residues which is a renewable source of energy. It is clean, economical and easy to use. This solid biomass fuel is exclusively made for our domestic and commercial cooking stove. It can also be used for industrial burners and can efficiently replace currently used fuel such as wood/wood chips, kerosene, LPG and diesel.


  • Significantly lower energy costs compared to LPG & other


  • Remarkable consistency & burning efficiency
  • Low moisture content


  • No fire hazard


  • Replacement to conventional fossil fuels


Our skilled professionals design good quality of Biomass Pellets to meet the energy and heating requirements for many consumers in Pakistan. Due to its robust structure and integrated biomass model these biomass pellets are a no-risk proportion for users. They are far better alternative than LPG, diesel and kerosene. These Royal Bio Energy Pellets can accurately meet the energy and heat generation needs for many villages where using LPG and kerosene are pretty harmful to the health of family members. The fumes are fatal to lives but biomass pellets are safe form of energy. Let’s see their uses – • Best for residential cooking use • Good for restaurants and commercial uses • Cost effective solution for industrial segments • Very effective in bulk production in industries

We specialize in producing Pellets with biomass fuel thereby contributing to saving environment and making people aware of the harmful effects of other energy resources.

Royal Bio Energy Biomass stove is an energy saving combustion device which burns biomass pellets and fuel to conserve energy and reduce harmful emissions offering a cleaner and eco-friendly cooking solutions for homemakers, restaurants and hotels. We develop different kinds of gasifier stoves and burners as per the need and specifications of users. The cost of maintenance is very low. It comes with some salient features, such as Excellent and compact design. Best raw material used. Less maintenance cost. Cost –effective. Checked on quality parameters.

Contact us if you wish to save lives and contribute to eco-friendly environment. Our biomass pellets and fuel is one of the it’s kind delivering 100% customer satisfaction



Diameter 10 mm
Length 3.5mm-40 mm
Calorific Value 4500 ± 3% kcal / kg
Moisture Content <10%
Ash Content <10%
Bulk Density 650 kg/m3


FOREST resources are important for countries like Pakistan with an agro-based economy. Trees contribute to productivity of agriculture by protecting arable crops from hailstorms and windstorms, preventing lodging of crops, increasing productivity of soil, containing soil nutrient loss by wind and water erosion and keeping the climate moderate

An incredible real alternative to save environment and making “Go Green” worth!

ROYAL BIO ENERGY pellets – What are they?
Our Eco Green Pellets are Solid Bio-Fuels or Biomass Pellets which is an extremely eco-friendly and successful range of energy generation and consumption as compared to the conventional counterparts. The Eco Green Pellets are carbon neutral solid bio-fuels – biomass pellets that are made up of agro residues, saw dust and other waste material which means they are using raw materials from the waste and converting them into biomass fuel to conserve energy.

The use of wood pellets as a biomass fuel is a ‘carbon neutral’ process. Stoves convert biomass in the form of wood pellet fuel to heat while giving off almost no wood smoke or ash, helping to protect the environment.

  • Carbon neutral, wood pellet fuels help counter global warming.
  • Wood pellets release the same amount of CO2 which was absorbed during the growth of the tree.
  • Wood pellets produce 90% less carbon emissions than traditional heating methods.
  • Wood is cut from sustainable forests – the trees that are harvested for wood fuel are replanted.
  • Wood pellets come from a closed carbon cycle.

Eco stove is a remarkable eco-friendly solution for using stove as compared to conventional stoves used in Pakistani societies and elsewhere. Our Eco stove runs on carbon neutral made from biomass residues which are a renewable source of energy. One of the biggest advantage of our Eco stove is that it has conveniently replaced the other harmful use of fuel for cooking and other purposes such as – LPG, DIESEL, KEROSENE, WOOD OR WOOD CHIPS.

Now you can understand if a stove is not using all these mentioned above then how beneficial and safe the biomass fuel would be for our lives and our environment. As the biomass fuel is made from the residues it has no hazardous effects on the environment making it safe for all to use

Save The World!

Our Mission

Carbon Cycle for Biomass


Carbon is a natural element in the environment and does serve its purpose on earth. … The waste and the gas emitted from the consumption of the plants goes into the atmosphere as carbon. Through this cycle, the carbon in the air and in the soil is used by the plants which can be turned into biomass and biomass fuel.