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As the govt. has increased the prices of petrol and raw material, so as a result the prices have

Domestic stoves 3G/4G consume 850 gram Pellet per hour. This means you can cook for 6,7 

persons just in 50 rupees. C1 consumes 1kg to 1.5kg in an hour. 

Domestic stoves 3G/4G consume 850 gram Pellet per hour. This means you can cook for 6,7persons just in 50 rupees.

Not as much as you can control the speed in your regular stoves. But yes, you can control the heat to some extent.

Yes, it does have smoke but you can barely feel it. 

No, this burner or pellets does not have any smell.

You can use these stoves for one hour continuously. And after an hour you have to clean the jar in case you want to reuse it.

Clean it with any brush. Do not use water to clean the jar or stove.

Yes, it does leave stains sometimes.

No, We do not give any warranty.

No after sales service is provided.

3G is made of steel body and is not much heavy. 4G is made of metal body and is heavy. Both
work efficiently. Depends upon customer’s preference which one they like more.

Yes, all these stoves are made in Pakistan.

No, It’s strictly prohibited. Never use cooking oil or petrol. Use only kerosene.

No, once you start it you cannot stop it. It will stop by itself after all the pellet in the jar is burnt.

Below the holes made at the top of the jar.

 Just connect the USB cable with a regular mobile charge and turn the switch on.

No warranty of electrical parts is given.

It is safe for kids, but keep it out of reach of children.

It is made of garden waste, wood shavings, and other waste materials.

No, it does not have any effects on health. It’s eco-friendly and does not cause any diseases related to breathing or any else.

Yes, it gives you more than 30% of savings.

Yes, it’s made of all organic materials. It’s Eco-friendly.

Yes, it’s portable. You can carry it around with ease.

It’s so easy to store. Just keep it away from water and moisture. Don’t keep it in front of direct sunlight.

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