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Biomass Commercial Stove - C-1M

Royal Bio Energy C-1M commercial biogas cooking stove: Reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly stove for commercial kitchens. Meet the demands of your customers or guests with the C-1M. Sustainable and efficient cooking for your culinary business.


• Strong Metal Body
• Fuel capacity 1500grams
• 40-50min burning time
• Saving upto 40% fuel
• Semi-Auto Feeding System
• Large Cooking Capacity
• Robust and Durable Construction

Elevate your commercial cooking experience with Royal Bio Energy, remarkable C-1M biomass stove is specifically designed to meet the demanding cooking requirements of commercial establishments and large groups of 10-12 members. With its high-performance capabilities, durability, and eco-friendly design, this stove is the ideal choice for commercial kitchens, catering services, and large-scale events. Meet the demands of your customers or guests while embracing sustainability and efficiency in your cooking operations.
Invest in our C-1M commercial biogas cooking stove and elevate your culinary business to new heights of success.


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