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Commercial Biomass Stove - C2-M

The C2M commercial biomass stove is an upgraded version of the C2 model, designed to provide enhanced functionality and versatility for various cooking applications.


  • Capacity up to 4-5kg Wood Pellets
  • Semiautomatic Feeding System
  • Come With 2 Blower Fans (12 volt)
  • Economical: Up to 40% Savings in Fuel Bill
  • Multi-stage Ideal for Bulk Cooking/Frying/Baking, Heating, etc.

It incorporates a multi-stage flame control feature, allowing precise adjustment of the flame intensity to achieve optimal cooking results. With a capacity of up to 4-5kg per hour for wood pellets, it enables uninterrupted cooking without the need for frequent refills. The stove is equipped with a manual feeding system and a semi-automatic fuel feeder, ensuring user-friendly operation.

With a cook time of 4-6 hours, the C2M biostove is well-suited for prolonged cooking sessions.  Being eco-friendly, it harnesses the power of wood-burning stoves, biomass burners, and pellet burners. The inner MS chamber and burner are constructed to ensure durability and longevity, guaranteeing reliable and consistent performance. Whether it’s bulk cooking, frying, baking, heating, or other applications, the C2M commercial biomass stove offers dependable and efficient cooking solutions.


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