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About Royal Bio Energy

Royal Bio Energy solid biomass fuel– New generation energy is an effort for sustainable use of energy saving environment and well being. It is natural and real green revolution for alternative source of energy. We are a group of experts and started an Independent entity in the arena of biomass and gasification technology

Clean energy solutions through Royal Bio Energy, Biomass Sourcing, Waste Management.


“Royal Bio Energy” is an integrated sustainable/biomass energy solutions provider with a visualization to save environment for a healthy well-being. Our prime focus is to integrally contribute for a clean energy generation through safe-fuel, bio-energy that consists of solid bio-fuel, bio-power, and many other forms of safe & clean energy generation. We manufacture biomass pellets and biomass cooking equipments/stoves/burners with the eco-friendly bio-energy, biomass sourcing and waste management.
Our range of energy efficient products are Carbon Neutral Biomass Pellets, Royal Bio Energy Stoves – a kind of Community Cooking Stove. Considering environment concern all over globe we produce solutions that lessen the greenhouse gas emissions and productively strap up the abundant energy of the sun, executing the processes finely such as photosynthesis, to transfer it into constructive forms of energy

“Royal Bio Energy” is a real alternative to wood, kerosene and even LPG in the home kitchen especially for the Pakistani villages. Additionally, when we talk about commercial food service kitchen, Royal Bio Energy easily replaces the conventional cooking fuels like LPG, diesel, etc. Moreover, RBE service and distribution network is spread widely across the major cities and various suburbs in Pakistan . This integrated solution is something on which our customers rely on for their safe and eco-friendly energy use.
With our innovative and excellent team we create Eco friendly solutions with combination of a uniquely designed ‘micro-gasification’ devices or stoves/burners and a biomass-based pellet fuel. We have best solution which delivers efficiency & value that are higher than the conventional cooking devices.

What would you like to know?

Royal Bio Energy Solid Biomass Fuel and Gasifier burners offers an integrated solution: a combination of a uniquely designed ‘micro-gasification’ device or stove and a biomass-based pellet fuel.